Shorter time to market means shorter time to revenue!

M2MGO solution helps to adapt new requirements, new thoughts, new innovative ideas and approaches INSTANTLY

Four building blocks of your IoT solution


connected things

Use the most advanced and most common protocols to connect your devices MQTT, REST, JSON.


M2MGO or any IoT
cloud platform

You can decide which platform to use for device and data management.


application wizard

Create your M2M/IoT Web Application and apply the business rules within minutes.


user management

Define to whom you want to provide your solution and to which extend.

M2MGO offers a tailored solution for you

For Device Vendor

  • Use the free developer account
  • No setup costs
  • We support standard protocols
  • Pay as you use

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For System Integrator

  • Create data dashboards within minutes
  • Define the business rules and notifications
  • Create and control the user accounts
  • No need to write a single line of code

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For Platform Vendor

  • Enhance your platform with an application layer
  • Use M2MGO for promoting your IoT platform
  • Excite your customer by the flexibility of your solution
  • We help to integrate the M2MGO CMS with your cloud platform

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Rapid Prototyping

  • Minimal investment of efforts and resources
  • Adapt your customer needs instantly
  • Create the look and feel your customer expects
  • Create a demo account right at the customer meeting

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Use Cases

  • Smart Recycling

    The monitoring of the recycling bins filling level can reduce the efforts of the garbage disposal companies to control every single recycling bin. Only the bins that are full will be emptied.

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  • Smart City

    The water draining system will display the water level at different locations and automatically notify the responsible organization in case the water level increases.

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  • Healthcare

    The patient will be noticed when he needs to use the medication. He can monitor his health conditions on a private dashboard.

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  • Smart Elevators

    The elevator systems use multiple sensors to detect the status of the elevator. The values of the sensors are permanently transferred to the IoT platform and the IoT Application.

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  • Room Ambiance

    Smoke alarms equipped with sensors for humidity, temperature improve the ambient conditions and increases the concentration of the people, incrementing their work efficiency.

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M2MGO Solution

M2MGO IoT-Application platform is designed to drive the progress and innovation of the IoT solutions! M2MGO offers all components needed for creating a professional, state of the art IoT application.

M2MGO IoT-Application platform provides the complete flexibility in regards of deploying and usage. It can be used as a multi tenant solution in the cloud, as a private instance in the cloud as well as a local deployment on your infrastructure.

Due to a modular design of M2MGO solution, there are several additional options that we can offer, e.g. private database or private data backup. Please ask us for more information.

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