M2MGO IoT-Application platform

M2MGO IoT-Application platform is designed to drive the progress and innovation of the IoT solutions! M2MGO features all components needed for creating a professional, state of the art IoT application.

M2MGO provides a cloud based content management system (CMS) for M2M. M2MGO CMS creates a full-featured web presence with an embedded M2M portal within the shortest period of time and without writing a single line of code. M2MGO CMS features following key components.

Drag‘n Drop assembly of web pages for M2M and IoT
Smart business rules for making the data to become intelligent
Full membership user management covering the entire M2M/IoT value chain
Responsive Design for better look and feel (based on twitter bootstrap themes)
Unlimited domain and web page management for all your use cases

M2MGO Infrastructure

M2MGO IoT-Application platform provides the complete flexibility in regards of deploying and usage. It can be used as a multi-tenant cloud solution, as a private cloud instance as well as a local deployment on your infrastructure.

Multi-tenant Cloud

Lowest costs
Highest flexibility

Private Cloud Instance

Higher setup and maintenance costs
Individual setup

Local Deployment

Highest installation and maintenance costs
Local data storage

Due to a modular design of M2MGO solution, there are several additional options that we can offer, e.g. private database or private data backup. Please ask us for more information.

IoT Cloud Platform


Application Wizard

User Management

IoT Cloud Platform

With our cloud platform you will get a solution based on the state of the art technology. To provide the reliability, flexibility and the highest degree of security we are using the Microsoft Azure ® fundament for our solution. This allows us to be very flexible on fulfillment of the wishes of our customers.
For instance,

  • we can ensure that the server infrastructure is located in a dedicated region e.g. Europe, US, Asia Pacific, Brazil or Japan
  • we can create a private infrastructure instance within a shortest period of time
  • we can scale our solution within a couple clicks or even automatically

Beside this, Microsoft Azure ® offers the state of the art data protection features
  • Secure access
  • Data backup
  • Server redundancy

On top of the Microsoft Azure ® we have build a highly sophisticated device and data management solution designed for managing many thousands of connected devices and millions of data messages simultaneously.

IoT Application Wizard

We at M2MGO have the opinion that the most valuable goal of the IoT solution is the user experience. The best user experience can be achieved by providing a cool, web application. The M2MGO application wizard helps you to create it within shortest period of time.
For instance,

  • displaying the values sent from your device on a web page or smart phone can be done within a few minutes and without programming a single line of code
  • creating a modern and ambitious web site including embedded data from your device can be done within a few hours – no coding needed
  • generating the business rules for the data can be done by constructing of the logical operation blocks. The configured notifications will be sent via email, twitter or http request

You need a high end IoT application? no problem! the out of the box building bricks offers all you need to create your IoT application.

User Management

Working on multiple projects we have recognized that offering the conventional user management is not enough for the IoT application. The IoT solutions require a flexible management of an entire value chain.
For instance,

  • System Integrator wants to create his IoT solution by defining the connected devices, creating the web application, monitoring the activities and providing the login to his distribution channels
  • the distribution channels are targeting the end customers directly. They need to be able to customize the look and feel, the company logo or enable certain sensor values for a certain user and to create the login for this user
  • The end user enjoys a tailored solution that helps to resolve his dedicated problem
The user management engine offers the possibility to granularly fine-tune the user roles and privileges.

A tailored solution for you

If you are

  • Device Vendor,
  • System Integrators,
  • Cloud Platform Vendor or
  • You just need to create a cool prototype for your next M2M IoT project

The M2MGO Solution shall be a perfect fit for you. If you will figure out that it is not, please let us know and we will find an individual solution for you.

Device Vendor, System Integrator

If you are a Device Vendor or System Integrator, you will enjoy an out of the box solution, which will help you to create an M2M cloud application with less efforts and minimum investments.

You can start creating or prototyping a solution today – no upfront costs required. What you need is a device that communicates with the MQTT protocol or RestFull API. You may use one of the devices of our partners or just visit our Dev Zone to learn how to connect a device with M2MGO.
If you want to become a partner and have your device connected with M2MGO, just let us know.

Create the web site or just the data dashboards for your dedicated use case, apply the business rules to the data and you are ready to go!

Distribute and control the user accounts with our highly sophisticated user management approach.

If you user ask for some changes of the look and feel or modification of the business rules, you can do this right there.

All this you can do without writing a single line of code.

Often the customer doesn’t know how the solution will look like exactly, especially if it is about a new, innovative approach. The ideas start spitting after a prototype has sketched a potential solution. Using M2MGO will help to prototype a solution within a shortest period of time, no risk of your investments.

Platform Vendor

If you are a Platform Vendor, the M2MGO CMS can be integrated with your platform. Use the M2MGO solution for marketing of your platform. The M2MGO CMS provides the tools needed for creating the Web Application within a shortest period of time. You can launch the customer project seamlessly.

If something is missing

Even though the M2MGO offers all components for creating an M2M End-to-End Solution, sometimes there are some special needs and wishes. To fulfill these needs the M2MGO can be extended, customized or changed with a very low effort.

For example, if your customer requires a special widget/component for displaying or processing the data, this widget can be easily implemented with M2MGO.

From our experience, the regular, not very complex widgets can be implemented within a few hours. For the more complex widgets we usually need a few days.

Just tell us your wish and we will provide an individual solution for you!