An interactive application that displays the patient health values and the usage of medication will be created. A doctor will create the personal medication plan for each patient. The patient needs to confirm usage of medication interactively (by pressing a button). When the patient measures the blood pressure, blood sugar or blood oxygen the values will be sent to the IoT platform that will compare the values with the personally configured thresholds. In case there is any deviation, the system will send an alarm to the doctor without loosing the valuable time.

How M2MGO can help

M2MGO can provide the IoT infrastructure as well as the IoT application. The IoT infrastructure will manage hundreds or even thousands patient devices connected over the Internet.
The IoT application will take care of providing the personal, interactive dashboards for the patients and high-level view for the doctors. The application will compare the health values sent by patients and issue alarms in case of critical conditions.

A prototype or pilot of such monitoring system can be created within a few hours and without investing a single euro into the IoT infrastructure or IoT application.
If needed, the use case specific enhancements, e.g. offering special evaluation diagrams or displaying of certain values can be done iteratively within a few days, so the ready to go enterprise health care application can be released to the market within a shortest period of time.