Smart water sensors will be deployed at the water drain nodes. The sensors send the water filling information to the IoT platform. The IoT application reads the data, evaluates the water-level and provides a colored map of different areas. In case the water-level increases, an alarm notification will be sent to the responsible organization.

How M2MGO can help

M2MGO can provide the IoT infrastructure as well as the IoT application. The IoT infrastructure will manage hundreds or even thousands connected water-level detectors and collect the data form the sensors. The IoT application will take care of generating the reports, providing the status on a map and generating the alarms in case the water level increases.

A prototype or pilot of such monitoring system can be created within a few hours and without investing a single euro into the IoT infrastructure or IoT application.
If needed, the use case specific enhancements can be done iteratively within a few days, so the ready to go enterprise application can be released to the market within a shortest period of time.