The elevator systems use multiple sensors to detect the status of the elevator. The values of the sensors are permanently transferred to the IoT platform and the IoT Application. If the IoT application recognizes any deviation from the configured thresholds, an alarm will be issued to the responsible technician who can replace the worn parts even before the out of service happens.
That way the live time of technical products can be enlarged and the quality of service can be improved significantly.

How M2MGO can help

M2MGO can provide the IoT infrastructure as well as the IoT application. The IoT infrastructure will manage hundreds or even thousands of sensor values transmitted over the Internet.
The IoT application will take care of providing the dashboards for viewing the high-level overview of the serviced elevators. The application will also monitor the sensor values sent from each elevator and issue notifications in case of any deviations form normal behavior.

A prototype or pilot of such elevator maintenance system can be created within a few hours and without investing a single euro into the IoT infrastructure or IoT application.
If needed, the use case specific enhancements, e.g. special statistics evaluation diagrams or displaying certain values can be done iteratively within a few days, so the ready to go enterprise elevator management system can be released to the market within a shortest period of time.