The recycling bins will be equipped with the smart sensors that can monitor the filling level and transfer this data to the IoT platform. The IoT application reads the data, evaluates the filling level of the bins and provides the information to the cleaning company. There are several ways how the cleaning company can use this information:

  1. Generate a daily report that shows which bins need to be cleaned and show the filling level overall.
  2. Setup an alerting system that will send a notification in case one of the bins is full.

In addition to the filling level sensor, the recycling bins can be equipped with additional sensors like temperature, flame or humidity. These sensors can provide addition information about the conditions of the recycling bin. For instance send an alarm if the bin takes fire or being vandalized.

How M2MGO can help

M2MGO can provide the IoT infrastructure as well as the IoT application. The IoT infrastructure will manage the hundreds or even thousands connected bins and collect the data form the sensors. The IoT application will take care of generating the reports, providing the overview dashboards and creating the alerts.

A prototype or pilot of such recycling bin application can be created within a few hours and without investing a single euro into the IoT infrastructure or IoT application. If needed, the use case specific enhancements can be done iteratively within a few days, so the ready to go enterprise application can be released to the market within a shortest period of time.